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Primary scientific results of DIMS&PhE in 2002

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1. The excitation spectra of Ar I in collisions of Argon low-energy atoms with Argon target were researched by means of optical spectroscopy methods. First excitation cross sections of spectral lines for 3p54s-3p5np crossings in Ar I (4≤n≤6) at collision eneries corresponding to the conditions of adiabatic approach application were acquired from these spectra. (by S. Kurskov)

2. For the first time the rational algorithm of collective processing was applied to the array of contours of heterogeneous plasma (high-pressure arc) spectral lines. The data were acquired by means of automated setup on the basis of LabView. The algorithm is significantly more stable to noise and experimental errors when two improperly posed problems are being solved: reduction to ideal instrument and radial transform. The acquired arrays of contours of elementary plasma volumes at various distances from the axis were used for evaluation of electron and normal atoms concentration spatial distribution by Stark shifts and resonance broadening. (by Prof. A. Khakhaev, Prof. L.Luizova, K. Ekimov)

3. Further development of distributed information measurement system for experimental research support was performed. This system provides remote access to information and hardware resources of experimental setup through Intranet/Internet. The system includes communication server, equipment control servers (CAMAC, GPIB, MCS-96 microcontroller), web server for monitoring, and clients. The application protocols for communication server and equipment control servers were developed. CAMAC and GPIB control servers were modified according to the the new protocols. MCS-96 control server was created. The debugging client was developed. The system was tested. (by S. Gavrilov, S. Kiprushkin, S. Kurskov, E. Zhiganov)

4. Simple protocol for data transfer in distributed information acquisition systems was developed (DTP/DIA). This protocol corresponds to the 6th and the 7th levels of OSI/RM. The DTP/DIA supports measurement information source identification. Due to its simplicity it can be implemented in even dumb measurement devices firmware. This protocol was tested in the network of temperature sensors (by A. Soloviev, A. Moschevikin, A. Korol'kov)

5. On the basis of Simulation and Elimination of Instrument Distortion Software the web service was implemented for 2D-functions processing. This service is proposed as the hardware-independent software package for simulation and elimination of instrument distortion of 2D-functions (pictures). This service is a public educational and scientific instrument. (by A. Soloviev, Prof. L. Luizova)

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