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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

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Primary scientific results of DIMS&PhE in 2000

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1. Influence of dusty particles on spectroscopic characteristics of glow discharge in Ne was experimentally investigated. Model of this phenomenon was also elaborated (prof. Luizova L.A., post-graduate student Podriadchikov S.F., prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

2. New experimental data concerning excitation characteristics of multielectron atoms (Ne) in atom-atom collisions with energy range from threshold up to 1 keV were obtained (Kurskov S.Yu., prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

3. Some modules of the user LabView interface designed for scientific work and optic-spectral researches were created (post-graduate student Ekimov K.A., Prof. Luizova L.A., post-graduate student Prihodchenko R.V., prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

4. Unique software based on Web-technologies for remote access in multiuser mode to the CAMAC equipment was developed by Kiprushkin S.A., Kurskov S.Yu. Zhiganov E.D.

5. There have been made an effective algorithm and software for development of adequate models of the formation of plasma emitting characteristics based on of large primary arrays of the experimentally measured contours of spectral lines (in conditions of noise and hardware distortions) (Prof. Luizova L.A., Soloviev A.V., Prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

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