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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

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Primary scientific results of DIMS&PhE in 1998

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1. Obtained data on dependence of excitation cross sections of fast neon atoms (energy range 50-1000 eV) interacting with neutral neon atoms in gas from quantum numbers of neon energy levels (from 3 to 10); they show the necessity of development of the theory of interactions between multielectron atoms, since existing knowledge does not properly describe observed phenomena (Kurskov S.Yu., Petrov Yu.B., Safronov Yu.V.).

2. Developed the ideas on formation of radiation characteristics of arc discharge in complex component medium; found the methods of modeling of spatial distributions of plasma components and their kinetics, giving the opportunity to describe the results of experiments on optical diagnostics of plasma (Prof. Luizova L.A., Prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

3. Invesigated heterogeneous net (of Internet/Intranet type) with information sources, based on module-bus research crates; found ways and means for integration of the obtained information in common database of automated information measurement system (Kiprushkin S.A.).

4. Investigated the possibilities of LabVIEW introduction for creation of systems for technological applications; built the system of simulation modeling of technological process of pulp preparation in paper production; constructed the optical spectrometer control system based on LabVIEW (Ekimov D.A., Prof. Khakhaev A.D.).

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