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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

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Primary scientific results of DIMS&PhE in 1997

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1. The physical conditions of stable clusters existence in crystalline and liquid droplet phase in heterogeneous plasma were evaluated. The clusters development and degradation criteria concerning the interatomic interaction potentials were found. (by Prof. A. Eletskii)

2. The peculiarities of excited levels populations and spatial distributions of enclosed arc plasma components in metal-haloids vapors were discovered experimentally. These peculiarities correlate to concept of clusters and their existence conditions. (by Prof. A. Khakhaev, Prof. L. Luizova)

3. Isotopic distribution of levels in Li6 and Li7 were determined experimentally on the simpler instrument setup with the precision of the world most precise methods. These results were made possible thanks to automation of data acquisition and processing. (by A. Il'in, A. Moschevikin)

4. The coefficient of excited atoms production by slow positive ions beam bombardment of metal surface was calculated. On the basis of experimental data the theoretical model of the research phenomenon was analyzed and proposed the methods of its improvement. (by E.Zhiganov, Prof. A.Eletskii)

5. Multi-user multi-tasking Intranet-like network was developed. This network performs functions of heterogeneous information measurement system and includes experimental setups acting like data sources. The network provides presentation of distributed data to many users, which perform experiments control and their results processing on the experimental setups. (by S.Kiprushkin).

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