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Primary scientific results of DIMS&PhE in 1995

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1. Wide range of solutions for dye-lasers was investigated. As a result optimum pumping conditions have been found both for effective two-step resonance excitation of Li atoms in effusion beam with natural isotope content and for selective photoionization of one isotope.

This effect (two-step selective pumping and ionization allows to adjust beam content from natural to full isotope separation. For this purpose the system has been developed, which ensure high monochromatization of dye-laser emission and precise tuning of generated wave length (in experiments with Li spectral range of 2*10-2 nm was scanned by bandwidth of 2*10-4 nm).

For precise laser wave length determination a special measuring system has been worked out and created. It ensures wave length measurements with relative error less than 4*10-7 in whole tunable range.(Ilyin A.M., Moschevykin A.P., Smirnov S.V., Khakhaev A.D.).

This work was carried out on the basis of multipurpose laser set laser set, which has been developed at the Department of Information Measuring Systems and Physical Electronics according to programs "High Technologies" and "Lasers in Industry".

2. Laser radiation interaction with surface of transition metal oxides have been investigated by using DIMS & PhE multipurpose laser set. New data about influence of laser pulse energy, power and wave length on amorphous film crystallization , etching rate of irradiated materials in different solutions and diffraction efficiency of reflecting gratings, obtained in these processes, have been received. The work has been fulfilled in collaboration with Solid State Department. (Ilyin A.M., Kobylin V.I., Pergament A.L., Stephanovich G.B., Khakhaev A.D.).

3. Within the framework of "Infomatization of Russia" program multi-user and multitask environment has been created on the basis of DIMS & PhE LAN. Some versions of hardware and software platforms including, UNIX (OSF/1, Ultrix), MSDOS/Windows , Windows NT have been tested and optimum public resource configuration has been found to prevent user conflicts. This configuration was developed in accordance with the open system technology . Workstations connected with experimental set-up have been included in LAN and proper system software has been selected. (Luizova L.A., Khahaev A.I., Khakhaev A.D.).

4. Thermodynamic and kinetic behavior of fullerenes were studied. It was shown, that the fullerenes in solutions have a trend to the cluster formation. The cluster size distribution function of fullerene clusters in solutions is calculated. It was proved, that the cluster formation trend in fullerene solutions results in concentration dependence of diffusion and thermodiffusion coefficient of fullerenes in solutions. These dependencies can be used as the basis for development of a new diffusional method of separation, enrichment and purification of fullerenes in solutions. The opportunity for development of a new chemical method for fullerene separation was also analyzed. This opportunity is based on the difference in reactivity of fullerene molecules of different kinds relating the reaction of joining the alkali metal atoms to the fullerene molecule in fullerene solution. (Eletskii A.V., Smirnov B.M., Khakhaev A.D.; this work was carried out in collaboration with Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" and Institute of High Temperature RSA.)

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