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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

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Institute of Physics&Technology
REC "Plasma"
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Petrozavodsk State University

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Russian Federation
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The Optical Society OSA


Department of Physical Electronics was formed as a separate division of PetrSU in 1977. Nevertheless, in 50's specialists in optics and physical electronics were already being trained. Particulary, the theory and technique of research of gas discharge plasma in industry applications (light sources, lasers, gas discharge switching devices) were being developed.


In 1969 it was obvious that those experiments required acquisition and processing of huge amount of data, so it was necessary to establish automation facilities. The collective of the department was one of the first groups in Russia who started the development of such facilities for physical electronics. Since many automated setups have been developed by the department and applied in industry, scientific institutions (incl. medical institutions). For these researches the staff of the department was awarded exhibition medals and acquired patents.

Along with the development of precise methods of research of plasma and atom beams (by means e.g. frequency-controlled laser) the collective of the department took part in all-Russian programs for development and introduction of new information technologies. Particulary, new automated instruments, simulation and training software, expert systems for physical electronics and spectral instrument-making, distibuted information measuring systems for support of research with remote access via Internet have been designed, created and still being developed.

The department has trained 19 PhD.

Annually Department of Physical Electronics graduated 15-20 physicists for educational institutions and industry (specialities: "physical electronics" and "physical metrology and automation of experiments").

In 1992 by efforts of the department a new speciality (automated systems of information processing and control) was started.

In 1994 the department was renamed to "Department of Information Measuring Systems and Physical Electronics".

In 2000 by initiative of the department a new speciality (information measuring technologies) was started.

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