Department of Information Measuring Systems
and Physical Electronics

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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

Educational activity

Institute of Physics&Technology
REC "Plasma"
Servers of PetrSU
Petrozavodsk State University

Office 111
Universitetskaya st., 10A
Petrozavodsk, 185910
Russian Federation
Phone: +7-8142-719680
Fax: +7-8142-711000
The Optical Society OSA


International cooperation:

  • University of Upsala (Sweden) – team-work for WASA project;
  • Institute of Physical Problems (Belarus, Minsk), Institute of Plasma Physics (France, Paris) – research of complex plasma for INTAS-RFBR grant no. 1335;
  • University of Riga (Latvia) – problems of laser spectroscopy;
  • International Informatization Academy – problems of open systems;
  • International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) – participation in conferences, training programs.

Inter-branch partnership:

  • Karelian Research Center of RAS – training of specialists and development of science intensive technologies for Collective Use Center;
  • Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS – methods and instruments for diagnostics of complex plasma;
  • Scientific Council for Automation of RAS Presidium – problems of development and application of open systems;
  • JSC "Kondopoga" – development of task-level information measuring systems;
  • St. Petersburg State University (Department of Optics, Department of General Physics) – basic problems of optics, laser physics and physical electronics;
  • St. Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering (Department of Automated Systems of Information Processing and Control, Department of Computer Engineering) – interchange of curricula, probation and training of teaching staff, joint development of laboratory and methodical techniques for educational process;
  • Moscow State Technical University (n.a. N.E. Bauman) – joint methodical works for automated systems of information processing and control speciality;
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – team-work for "Fizmat" program;
  • Samara State Aerospace University – team-work for "Informatization of Russia" program.

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